About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring well-done, Godly content into the lives of everyday people. We believe that media is a powerful tool for influencing the world for Christ, and we want to use it well.

To us, that means making media that's not only good, and not only Biblical—but good and Biblical in equal measure. We'd like to see Christians with media talents given the opportunity to praise our Father while keeping with Biblical precedent and creating beautiful content accessible to all audiences.

We want to take talented believers in Christ and give them an opportunity to reach the world through any media, whether it be podcasts, online videos, movies, shows, or art.  Our website will also host resources for those who wish to create their own Christian media.

We're so glad you found us. Please join us on this journey!

The world today is filled with all kinds of media. From online videos, to television shows and movies, to podcasts, to music, we are surrounded 24/7 by media.  With the constant barrage of new ideas and information being fired at us every day, it’s easy for the Christian to get lost in the din and be unable to find any good materials that he or she can feel safe consuming.

That’s why 12Stones Media Ministry exists.  We want to take talented believers in Christ and give them an opportunity to reach the world through any media.  We hope to reach people through podcasts, online videos, movies, shows, art, and give you resources like Bible studies or links to churches where you can find a place for you or your family.  The goal of 12Stones is simple: to help believers in Jesus Christ praise our Father through media while keeping with Biblical precedent.

We want to use the media to remind people of Christ and His love for us.

Our mission is to be a place of encouragement, blessings and hope. To be empowered by God, as we grow together. Create Christian media for today's Christian living.

The Team


Josh Hellman

Age: 36

Founder & Podcaster
Born and raised in Northern Indiana. He has lived in 4 states and 2 countries. Has a B.A. degree in Religion and Philosophy from Bethel University. Married and currently has 2 children. Josh has a heart for influencing media for Christ and seeing the Kingdom of God come to fulfillment on Earth.


Mark Baumgartner

Age: 33

Missionary & Podcaster
Born and raised in Eau Claire WI, with a longstanding penchant for travel. Following university, he spent the remainder of his 20's wandering the world. His ongoing life goal is to always have been to at least as many nations as he is years old. The Lord is bringing purpose and redemption to those years of wandering with a call to Cambodia as a full-time missionary! Mark has never met a cat he didn't like.


John VanDeLoo

Age: 32

Deliverance & Podcaster
Originally from Stanley WI. John is married and father of three cats. Has three kids as well. Left a career in real estate to pursue his passion for discipleship and freedom in Christ. John has a ministerial focus on deliverance and inner healing. He was formerly the lead singer of a heavy metal band.


Kieffer Strassman

Age: 31

Designer and Producer
Born in Minneapolis MN. He is our jack-of-all-trades, responsible for our digital presence, everything from graphic design, web development to videography and sound mixing. Kieffer very much is the man behind the curtain and the engine behind this initiative. In his past life, he was a DJ with his own record label.

To be empowered by God, as we grow together.