Servant’s Heart – Uncovering God’s Passion for You in 2023

Servant’s Heart – Uncovering God’s Passion for You in 2023

Written by: Josh Hellman | Published: March 29, 2023

Servant’s Heart – Josh Hellman

God is just an old man with super muscles who sits high up in the sky waiting to strike down judgment.  This is a picture of what culture has painted of God but it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Society likes to blend different religions together and they tend to take a Greek view of Zeus and attribute it to God.  This worldview then takes God and says He’s evil because they put all the bad attachments from Zeus and other religions’ Gods and put them on Yahweh.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

God is full of compassion and love.  He is also just and as such will execute perfect justice when needed.  People tend to see this as “evil” but again they would think not going through with justice would be evil.  There is a good and for good to remain evil must be purged or cleansed and when that happens it’s never a fun process.

I want to focus on God’s heart and show how compassionate and loving He really is, at least a portion because His love is unfathomable.  Once we think we know the extent to the love of God He shows us just how much deeper His love goes.  It’s not just a love for us, the bible tells us God is love 1 John 4:8.  What does this look like?  Let’s take a look back at Genesis at the creation story.  Before God created man He thought of man, which means we were a part of God’s dreams.  God longed to share Himself and His love with other beings so He creates and created us in part of that process.

A picture of marriage’s most intense interaction is sex because it’s the closest you can get to the other person and this is a physical representation of the spiritual love God has for all of His creation.  God then created the universe in which He would place man.  God didn’t just create man and say good luck He went through the trouble of creating water so we could drink, plants so we could eat, stars so we could marvel.  This is a picture of why men want to provide a household for their families, because they want a place to take care of the people they love.

God didn’t need us to fulfill Himself rather He chose to create us because He is loving and wanted to share His love with us.  Before we were ever created God had already shown us His love through the creation of the universe.  God creates Adam with His breath, literally speaks him into existence.  To put it another way, we are the poetry of God written to inspire those around us.  He creates us from nothing, creates something new, and breathes life into us.

God doesn’t stop there, He then takes man, sits down with Him and leads every animal on earth in front of Adam and gives Him the ability to name the animals.  You see, God could’ve sat up in Heaven and said, “I don’t care about you, I want you to worship me and if you don’t I will wipe you out,” but He doesn’t.  God is intrinsically loving.  He not only created us but wanted to work alongside us.  God gave us a piece of His authority and just like He spoke us into existence He let Adam speak the names of the animals into existence.

God then sees through this process Adam is looking at all the animals and noticing they are in pairs but there isn’t a second Adam.  God then takes a part of Adam and creates Eve.  Just as God created us from a part of Himself He creates man’s helpmate.  How great is the love of God He chose to serve us and not Lord it over us.  This doesn’t mean we don’t understand His love and revere Him because of it but it doesn’t mean God just wanted slaves to do His bidding.  God wants a loving relationship and serves us as Paul commands husbands to serve their wives.  We may be put in the position of authority but we are not to lay heavy the power on our spouse but lift them up in service.

This is just a portion of what the bible shows us about God’s love but obviously sending His only Son and dying on the cross is just another incredible aspect of the love He showers us with.  Not only His sacrifice but when we die and go to Heaven He awaits us with a buffet and marriage feast!  God is not a begrudging, irritated, jerk but rather a longing, merciful, and patient God.  He went through Hell just so we could be with Him.  Let this be an encouragement today and remind us to be servants for others as God laid the foundation for us.