The 7 Mountains of Influence

The 7 Mountains of Influence can also be thought of as 7 spheres of influence or as the 7 mind-molders of culture. These mountains mold the thinking of masses of people so the people at the top of the mountains, or gates, heavily influence what we see on our phones and what we hear on the radio or social media sites. It is important for every parent, business owner, educator, media or digital creator to evaluate what is being labeled as normal and be able to mold our messages and take actions accordingly. Disciples of Jesus are called to go into all the world, into the 7 mission fields, and preach the good news of the kingdom with love and boldness. See newlifefortoday.com for information on Julie’s coaching services and her teaching merch. Information on the 7 mountains can be found on rumble.com by searching for Lance Wallnau.