Accessing Heaven Ft. Jose Ortiz | Heart of the Matter Ep 68

Accessing Heaven: Your Divine Right to the Father’s Embrace

Are you aware of the profound gifts bestowed upon you as a Christian? Dive deep into the concept of “Accessing Heaven”, a theme so often overlooked. Becoming a Christian isn’t just about redemption—it’s about unlocking endless possibilities with God.

Through the redemptive grace of Christ, we’ve been given a golden ticket: direct access to our Heavenly Father via the Holy Spirit. 🙏 Every prayer whispered, every tear shed, He’s right there, embracing, listening, and guiding. Yet, Satan tirelessly crafts narratives to make us feel isolated.

Rediscover the true essence of being a Christian. Realize the gift of accessing heaven anytime, anywhere. And most importantly, nurture a bond with God that’s unbreakable.