Approach Boldly Ft. Jose Ortiz & Jennah Hollo – Episode 63

Welcome to “Heart of the Matter” episode 63. In this episode, we have Jose Ortiz and Jennah Hollo as our guests. They share their inspiring stories of how they approached their challenges boldly and achieved their goals. Jose Ortiz is a motivational speaker and a coach who helps people discover their true potential and achieve their goals. Jennah Hollo is a singer-songwriter who uses her music to spread positivity and inspire people.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

Overcoming fear and taking bold action
Finding your purpose and passion
Developing a positive mindset
Strategies for achieving your goals
We hope that their stories will motivate and inspire you to approach your challenges boldly and live your best life. So, join us in this insightful conversation with Jose Ortiz and Jennah Hollo.

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