Identity In Christ: Church Around the World | Episode 37

We all understand that the body of Christ is global. The difficult part of this idea can be the different styles of church and worship each country is accustomed to. Josh, Mark and John further discus identity in Christ, and how it is expressed in our worship. In today’s episode we touch on the body calling each other heretics, church on multiple levels, and about how wherever there are problems there are Christians to pray for. We talk about problems that have arisen within the body over a number of issues and how we are called to further discuss this as Christ-followers. Join us as we talk about how we can identify who we are as children of God, uniting under his love, above all else.

Identity. We’ve all searched for it, we all want to find our place. Where do you get that identity? From this world, or from Christ? And what does a life fully surrendered to Jesus look like? Join you friends Josh, Mark, and John as they dig further into identities in Christ!