Special: Prayer is a Weapon | Episode 39

The world tells us we need to do more than prayer; however prayer is going before the Creator of the universe and asking for His help and resources to solve issues. As Christians we can sometimes put all work in our hands when we are supposed to lay it down in submission to the authority of Christ. In today’s episode we talk about the war between Russia and Ukraine. We also talk on how celebrities will use their insincerity about faith and Christianity as a smoke screen for their disbelief in the power of prayer.

In this episode of the Heart of the Matter I wanted to talk about something that has been hot on my mind lately. There is an ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine…which is a very sad state of affairs. It is sad on so many levels. And entertainment media outlets are guilty of covering this conflict in a very dis-informative way. The media world is in the business of ratings so they have to sensationalize news stories to get people to tune in and watch their TV shows or shows online. But in this episode we will discuss how you can use Christ’s resources to pray for peace.